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Elbra Amanda Mansur was born in Wellington Hospital on July 5, 1991 to Assyrian refugee parents who had migrated to New Zealand in 1989 after the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq War. Mansur has been singing since the age of seven, being heavily influenced as a young girl by singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera and her debut single "Genie in a Bottle." During her early teenage years, she pursued her passion for singing and undertook singing lessons under a vocal coach. She has been on stage since the age of fourteen. Mansur attended secondary school at St Catherine's College, Wellington until 2009 before migrating to Sydney in January 2011. Mansur gave birth to her first child, Adara Melody in 2014 followed by her second child, Jacob Nathaniel in 2015. Mansur had begun performing for Assyrian-based events in Australia before pausing her career due to personal duties. 

Mansur resurfaced in September 2017, resuming her career as a singer. On December 2018, she released her debut single "Khooba Dooglana" accompanied by a music video. On 29 December 2019, Mansur released her album "Khooba Dooglana" featuring nine tracks.

On a radio interview in 2020 conducted by the Assyrian Australian Association, Mansur had stated that she has been influenced by her grandmother who composes and performs poetic prayers for her local Assyrian community in Wellington, New Zealand.

Mansur has performed for Assyrian cultural events in cities outside of Australia, including ChicagoParisAusburg, and Wiesbaden. Mansur has collaborated with Assyrian folk/pop musicians.


  • 2018 – Khooba Dooglana ("Lying Love") [Single]

  • 2019 – Khooba Dooglana ("Lying Love") [Album]

On her debut album, Elbra wrote the following:

"I would firstly like to take this opportunity to thank God for gifting me with an immense passion for music. I first envisioned this album, and with hard work and commitment, I am so grateful to have reached my goal and created a beautiful soundtrack. I could never have achieved this without the love and support from my loved ones. My music will always be a dedication from me to my Nation; and most importantly, to my children; Adara & Jacob. Thank you to all those who helped in the production and making of this album, and to all those who believed in me. Love Always – Elbra.


  • Khooba Dooglana – Released 28 December 2018.

  • Malka D Khobee – Released 31 January 2020.

  • Kholma – Released 25 February 2021.

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